Herb SpiralsRain BarrelsNative Landscaping & Maintenance

Herb Spirals

Compact, Affordable, Beautiful

Rain Barrels

Upcycled, Local Cherry Barrels - Customizable

Native Landscaping & Maintenance

Michigan Native landscaping, and simple/chemical-free maintenance available


Native White Turtlehead (bees love)

Native White Turtlehead (bees love)



Edible landscaping – Emphasis on native plants, all perennial with a mix of shrub, grass and flowers to enhance wildlife benefit and bloom times.

Michigan Native Certification – All landscaping pre-qualifies you as a Michigan Native habitat.

Rain Gardens – Reduce runoff and local flooding. Rain gardens are essentially landscaped bowls, with water-tolerant plants and compost. They are mosquito-proof and designed to infiltrate and recharge groundwater. Great for a unique butterfly garden!

Adaptive Landscaping – Using existing wet areas and transforming them into native wetlands. If we can’t eliminate the problem with a rain barrel or rain garden, and it’s not causing problems, why not get creative?

Herb Spirals – Spirals of rocks, bricks, pavers or whathaveyou create multiple microclimates for various herbs. The stone retains heat, while placement of the herbs dictate relative moisture. Below is one we started in the fall, but got interrupted by snow:

Herb Spiral in progress

Hugelculture - The “Waste Not, Want Not” of gardening. By burying yard waste at various stages of decomposition, the roots of what you plant on top have more access to nutrients and moisture. We call it “nature’s slow-release fertilizer”. This might be the epitome of ecological landscaping: using what you have on site, no waste, happy plants, and (a favorite of busy schedules) less watering for you!

“Waste Not, Want Not”, side angle


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