Best Plants for an Indoor Garden Part 2

Herbs One of the most fun things you can grow indoors! They smell great, usually aren’t all that hard to take care of and offer a great variety of possibilities to add that extra touch to your dishes. The general rule while growing herbs is to make sure they have fast-draining, loose soil, especially if […]

Best Plants for an Indoor Garden

Best Plants for an Indoor Garden Part 1

So, you’ve decided to grow a garden indoors. Great! This is an amazing opportunity to not only have live beings you have to take care of, which certainly brings a sense of fulfilment and purpose, but also to live a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle. Another good thing – when it comes to veggies, you will […]

Growing a Garden Inside

Are you a vegan who tries to eat quality food, which is so difficult to come across these days? Perhaps you are obsessed with greenery and want more clean air in your apartment? Or maybe you take a lot of pleasure in nurturing plants and have discovered the soothing qualities they have to help fight […]