In the past few years, the interest in ecology, sustainability, and clean environment has increased and everyone is talking about how important these things are for the future of our planet Earth. However, there is not enough information about what ordinary people can do to contribute to keep the nature and natural environment safe. Even if those talks seem global, we all do little steps or make some different little choices and have a huge positive impact. We offer you to start with ecological gardening that is a fun, interesting and educational activity for the whole family and has no harm to the natural environment.

A sustainable landscape

Gardening and landscape designing are very easy now as you can just go to any supermarket and buy millions of plastic gadgets or decorations as well as to plant many exotic trees, flowers or shrubs from the tropical countries to make your garden topnotch place. However, this choice is not very friendly to our mother nature. So, what to choose to make everything right? It’s very easy – choose natural gardening materials and local plants because destroying a wide variety of native plants leads to decreased biodiversity in plant species and animal populations with which they are connected.

The key-point of sustainable landscape is to allow the natural processes happening. You should forget about the crazy perfection and remind yourself that naturally growing trees will give you true and fundamental happiness. Believe in us, all those perfect and artificial gardens in front of every castle or chateau look nice but you cannot be truly relaxed there. That’s why you need a naturally calm garden to run away from all the rush.

Start with the natural soil

You cannot have a new and long-lasting house if the base of it is poor, weak, old and ruined. The same rule should be applied to your garden. If the soil of your garden is drained and has not been properly maintained for many years, you can forget about all sustainable ideas because the biodiversity of your garden is just dead.

Natural ecosystems have soil that is biologically alive. The natural soil microorganisms give a lot of nutrients and minerals that are very important for the soil to keep alive. These microorganisms come from leaves, herbs, woody branches, trees, and dead insects during the process of rotting. In this way, the balance of chemical elements, humidity and microelements are kept, and the productivity of the soil is increased. In order to achieve this result, use composts and organic mulches. Composted leaves, straw, rotted bark, and kitchen trimmings are excellent mulches that build microbial life.

The soil needs to be fertilized constantly and we recommend doing it twice a year. The first time should be in spring before you plant something, and the next time might in autumn after the harvesting. You have to simply add a layer of natural compost or organic mulch, mix it up and leave the soil to absorb it. You can use natural compost while putting new plants to increase the biological activity in the soil.