So, you’ve decided to grow a garden indoors. Great! This is an amazing opportunity to not only have live beings you have to take care of, which certainly brings a sense of fulfilment and purpose, but also to live a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle. Another good thing – when it comes to veggies, you will be eating as healthy as anyone living in the countryside since you’ll be the one taking care of them. So what are the best plants to consider for an indoor garden and how will the process look like?


Let’s make some things clear before we dive into in-depth explanation of what plans you should and shouldn’t grow inside. There are a couple of myths out there about indoor gardening that you need to have dispelled. First one is that growing an indoor garden will save you tons of money. This one can go two ways. It could be true in the long run, but that’s only if you take care of your plants very well and invest into good pots, fertilizers and so on. However, buying up all the indoor gardening equipment and all the plants in the very beginning can be a very costly experience.

You’ve probably heard that nothing can beat the taste of a fresh home-grown veggie. And while that’s mostly true, if you are used to supermarket food with a lot of taste enhancers and haven’t been eating a lot of greens on general basis, the transition to a more healthy diet, be it supermarket fruits and veggies or your own, can be a surprisingly difficult one. Your body, and especially your taste buds, will take time to adjust to food that is purely natural, so don’t forget that when the very first tomato you’ve grown does not melt in your mouth.

Indoor Fruits

Indoor Fruits
Indoor Fruits

Yes, it is very possible to grow some fruits indoors! If you like sweets, figs are a very viable option for you. Make sure you don’t go for that decorative tree known as fiddleleaf; it will never bear fruits. Choose a cultivar that thrives indoors, is easy to maintain and most importantly is self-pollinating. Since there is no wind or insects inside to pollinate your trees, if they aren’t self-pollinating, they will not bear any fruits ever.

Lover of citrus fruits? You’re in luck, because lemons, oranges and lime are also on this list. Look for ones like Meyer Lemon, which are not as demanding when it comes the heat necessary to bear fruits. Calamondin tree is probably what you want for an orange – they are a little sour, kind of lemon-like, but the aromas they omit will make your home seem life heaven and they are very beautiful as a decoration.

Fan of avocado toasts? Yes, having an avocado tree that fruits indoors is hard, but it’s doable. Don’t grow it from seed (the pit); find a grafted starter plant instead and ensure it has loads of bright light. Next thing you know, your morning toast will have your home-grown avocado on it!