One of the most fun things you can grow indoors! They smell great, usually aren’t all that hard to take care of and offer a great variety of possibilities to add that extra touch to your dishes.

The general rule while growing herbs is to make sure they have fast-draining, loose soil, especially if the temperature inside is on the lower end. Their roots are fragile, and they can start rotting in no time. A good way to go about this is to mix cactus soil with regular plant soil (how much depends on each herb individually). Make sure you keep the soil lightly moist at all times, but by no means soggy. If you have decent south-facing windows, you’re in luck! Herbs will grow great on that windowsill since there will be enough sunlight and warmth all year round. If you don’t, however, you always have the option of full-spectrum growlights.

Mints are a great beginner’s plant for an indoor garden. They like moist soil and don’t need a lot of sunlight, that is to say they don’t require much care at all. And who doesn’t love some great mint tea after a long day. Basil is another crowd favorite when it comes to indoor herbs. Since it can be used so widely in pretty much all cuisines, chefs love good fresh basil, so you will too! You can make your own pesto from it as well. It’s a long-term plant, but it does not life drafty, cool spots, so make sure you keep it warm. Parsley is a good one if your like to add it to soups and home-made sauces. It’s especially cool to grow it yourself because so much of its appeal comes from the smell it omits when fresh. Deep pot, rich soil, some sunlight, and you will never run out of fresh parsley.

Best Plants for an Indoor Garden
Best Plants for an Indoor Garden


Probably the most desired addition to an indoor garden since they actually provide a solid and very healthy meal source. What you need to take into account depends very heavily on what kind of veggies you want to grow. Word of advice – choose veggies that require similar growing conditions, such as sunlight, warmth, type of soil and so on. Otherwise, it can be extremely costly and time consuming to take care of all of them.

How do you feel about fresh salad? It’s totally doable, since lettuce greens, kale and tomatoes are among the less complicated veggies to grow indoors. Lettuce is the go-to since it doesn’t take up much space, and the only requirement is a sunny window. Kale can get pretty large, so leave one plant in a pot and keep the soil moist. Tomatoes are a slightly different story, as they are more reminiscent of a tree. They need a large pot, a lot of sun, and strong roots, so you might want to read up on that a bit more before you dive in. However, it’s all totally doable and if you plan carefully, there is nothing standing between you and tasty home-grown food!