If you traveled through Marrakesh markets, explored the Sahara Desert or enjoyed Dubai skyscrapers, you probably feel like you left your heart there. The sad news – you cannot be on holiday all the time, but the good thing is that you can create your own little oasis and enjoy strong tea with dizzy shisha again at home. Turn your boring backyard into a luxurious oriental dream to escape from all rush and responsibilities. So, tuck up your shirt sleeves and follow these easy advices.

Plants and water

Palm trees, apricots, dates, figs, and olives come first to our mind when the word “oasis” is said but now you want to ask – for God’s sake, how can I grow up all these plants in the middle of the United Kingdom? Don’t worry, we are talking about greenery in general. The golden rule of landscaping is to be able to adapt to your location and chose the most appropriate things that would be easily maintained in your natural environment.

If you live in a colder country, then you can choose common shrubs and little flowers that don’t need tropical heat. For example, Japanese aucuba is an evergreen shrub that grows up to 1.5m tall with colourful, green and yellow-gold leaves with beautiful blossoms and bright red berries. This plant doesn’t require a lot of care and attention. It survives cold and wet winters, grows up nicely in shadows and the ideal soil is moist with high organic content, but aucuba tolerates almost any soil, including heavy clay, if it is well-drained.

Another important thing for your oasis is water. This crucial element of the planet and life is very important for human beings to stay alive, find inner peace and calm the mind. You don’t need an Olympic swimming pool in your backyard because there are many other gadgets to enjoy the sound of running water. You can buy little birdbath fountains, simple but gurgling fountains, vanishing edge pool or a hot tub – everything depends on the space you have and your budget.

Lightening and Fire

If you live in a naturally cold country like the UK, Sweden or Denmark, you need more artificial lights. Highlight your oasis with fire, light bulbs or candles. Use outdoor illumination gadgets along the paths or under your plants. Make a little fire pit, surround it benches, chairs or pillows and have the cosiest spot that will be your magical place during long dark autumn nights.

Accessories and fabrics

Bright colours cheer you up and give a holiday mood after the worst day. Buy some bright blankets, curtains, candles, lanterns or even cups, plates and glasses even if those colours are not typical for your clothes. Play with different textures, forms and patterns – let yourself be free.

A professional tip – invest money and buy a good hammock. This is a magical accessory of every garden as it helps to sit comfortably, relax and forget about troubles. The most important, hammocks give a great sense of holidays in one of those magical East countries and you can choose to hang them on threes or to stand in a special frame if there are no big trees in your garden.