Gardening is a great and relaxing hobby that will help you to clear your mind and enjoy the peaceful time outside making your surroundings a greener place to live in. However, if you are a newbie in this field, you need to learn and figure out so many things. We already have been talking with what plants you have to start, so the garden would not ask for too much maintenance and time. However, another big deal is gardening gadgets. Here is a list of things you are going to need for your first steps.

Garden Gloves

You must take care of yourself if you want to enjoy gardening and not make it another obligation of your life. So, if you are tired or feel back pain, take a break. If you are going to dig the soil, pull out thorny plants or do anything else, wear protective gardening gloves. The advice of professionals – buy a few pairs of different types. The first pair should be strong, synthetic gloves that would be used to do hard works. A very good choice is to buy latex gloves as they protect your hands from getting wet and are not easy destroyed so you can wear them infinite times. Another pair should be durable but not too bulky, especially for working with seeds and fragile plants.

Make sure that your gloves are of the proper size, so they won’t slip off and you are not allergic to the material. It is comfortable to choose gloves with longer cuffs to protect wrists from scratches, insects, water and keep soil from getting in.

Hand Trowel

Leave your spoons in the kitchen and buy a hand trowel which is an essential tool for small gardening works as digging holes before planting seeds, herbs, and flowers. A broad blade is used to dig bigger holes and move more soil. A long, narrow blade is good to dig up weeds or rocky soil, so choose it according to the type of your garden.

Make sure the handle feels comfortable in your hand. It is comfortable to use a trowel that has a handle protected with some puff material, so your hands will be more protected. Usually, all trowels are made of stainless steel to be more durable as they get lots of moisture from the soil. If you want to look more advanced, you can buy a few different trowels for different types of plants. However, one universal trowel for all works will be enough at the beginning.

Watering Can

Your plants will need water and you cannot use a bucket to water little fragile flowers, so buy a can. Basically, you will find plastic and metal cans. The metal ones are more durable, but they are heavier. So, evaluate your energy level before. You can choose a can of different styles, colors, sizes, and nozzle options. Don’t be afraid to buy a silly one with big pink flower on the side because it will always bring you a better mood, so gardening won’t become hard work and maybe even your kids will join you.