It is all clear about the basics such as gloves, trowels, and cans. Okay, now you need something more advanced to reach the new level of gardening. However, what are the essential tools and how not to throw your money for expensive but useless stuff?

Let us picture the situation. You understood that you cannot dig your garden with a spoon stolen from kitchen, so you went to the shopping mall, saw all those millions of gadgets, had no idea what are the purposes of them, experienced the feeling of absolute fool, went back home and decided that gardening will never be your cup of tea. Well, relax!

Pruning Shears

Pruning shears might be called one of the most useful and universal gardening tools. You can use it to cut herbs, grass, shrubs or even small branches. As a result, pick expensive and high-quality shears. Make sure they are made of stainless steel, have a strong joint-point in the middle and rust-resistant blades, quality no-slip rubber on handles, so you feel comfortable to use without putting too much of your energy in cutting branches

If you can pay more, then buy shears from Felco. This company is well-known for the long-lasting gardening gadgets, so you spend a lot but will use those shears until the death. A little cheaper option would be the production of Fiskars. This is another worldwide brand that can ensure quality.

Leaf Rake

If you think that you might use rakes only a few times during the season of autumn than you are so wrong that we even feel sorry how naive you are. For sure, a good rake is an essential gadget because you will use it every few weeks to remove old plants, leaves, blossoms, fruits and other wastes from your loan. This is like a vacuum cleaner for your garden, so better choose a comfortable one.

Leaf Rake
Leaf Rake

The best option is to pick a rake made from aluminum because it would be light and long-lasting.  Make sure that a handle is long enough and you won‘t gain back pain after ten minutes of collecting leaves. You can find rakes with adjustable handles, as a result, you could reach some narrow spots of your garden without going down on your knees. This option might be more expensive but you will enjoy it. Nowadays, you can buy some colorful rakes of different styles that are perfect for kids to get familiar with gardening and take this educational works as a game.

Watering Sprinker and Hose

If your garden is bigger that one square meter and has a loan, you need to buy a hose because every plant needs lots of water and you won‘t be able to do all the jobs with one pink can. The advanced option would be to have a watering system. However, a useful portable hose is totally enough as well. You will find many different brands and, honestly, there is no big difference. You can buy a cheaper one for your beginner’s works. The tip – try to buy a hose with an automatic handle to save water.