Are you a vegan who tries to eat quality food, which is so difficult to come across these days? Perhaps you are obsessed with greenery and want more clean air in your apartment? Or maybe you take a lot of pleasure in nurturing plants and have discovered the soothing qualities they have to help fight the stressful pace of modern life? If you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions or have different reasons behind your wish to have a small garden of your own yet live in an apartment with no access to an outside yard, I got you covered! Here are some of your options and some tips for growing a flush garden inside your apartment.

Consider what you want vs what you can do

Ideally you would have a variety of a hundred different veggies at hand and a lemon tree that offers fresh lemons for your morning tea. That might not be possible at all. First, consider how much of your space and where you can dedicate for you green corner. Is it your bedroom? Then plants with strong smell might not be the best option for you. Is it an airy kitchen with a lot of light? Take it away with a full-on vegetable garden! Bottom line – first decide the “where” and only then move to the “what”. And the “what” can be decided upon quite easily – you need to set your priorities. Is it food, aesthetic sights, pleasant aromas or clean air that are in your most immediate needs right now? Answer for yourself and start your research from there.

Challenges of indoor gardens

Challenges of indoor gardens

First things first – the space. If the place you can dedicate is small, then don’t choose plants that require a lot of it or those that need a lot of space and light all around them – it will go nowhere. Another aspect – light. Most apartments do not have windows instead of walls, so it might prove to be challenging to ensure that all your plants get enough sunlight.

One very important aspect that many beginner gardeners forget when they start putting together their first indoor garden is that unlike most plants that grow outside, the indoor ones will need to get replanted and repotted. Some plants that grow very fast will turn into a headache as opposed to a nice addition to your everyday life – it will get time consuming, it will demand money and it will take a lot of joy out of the gardening process. Plus – it’s not like you’ll be able to repot all your plants at the same time since they all have different growth cycles.

Plants for indoor gardens

If you want an aesthetic garden of indoor plants, stop by your local specialized store, describe the conditions in your apartment and walk out with some plants that will successfully accompany your life at home, be it for the aesthetics or for health benefits.

However, if it’s veggies and fruits you’re interested in, it might cause quite a head scratch. These are worth looking into: beets, herbs, carrots and radishes among others.