Gardening is a very therapeutic activity as meditation because it helps you to calm down, clear your mind and forces you to spend some time outside. And believe in us, seeing your garden blooming or enjoying harvest grown all by you will give you such proud as seeing your kids going to school for the first day. So, if you have some space outside your home, make it your little paradise and dive into some new hobby.

However, the biggest issue to conquer the fear that everything is going to die after you put so much love and energy into that. The best way to enter the world of gardening is to choose some low-maintenance plants because they don’t need much attention and can thrive in a wide range of conditions. If you and absolutely newbie in this field, here are some tips on what plants you can try to grow up first. The success is guaranteed!


Start with something small. Most of the herbs are very similar to grass so they can grow up anywhere in any condition if they get a little water. So, you can try to have a little edible herb garden even at your kitchen, balcony, roof terrace or your garden of course.


Different herbs can easily grow together in the same place, so let yourself be creative and mix different plants to make a nice composition. The best option is basil as they need no care and you can add those leaves in many dishes or salads. Then add some seeds of thyme, parsley, and oregano together as these herbs need more water and like to be in a sunny and warm place. Rosemary is particularly hardy, will thrive in poor soil and needs very little water. Sage, lavender and mint leaves can also be very easy to grow, and they are just perfect for evening tea to help you to fall asleep.


Blooming garden is pure happiness and there are many kinds of flowers that don’t need much care. Start with something simpler than roses and everything will be good in the end. For example, marigolds are called flowers from the idiot-proof category as everyone can cultivate them. Basically, just put the seeds into the soil, use a little fertilizer, pour some water, give it a little time to bloom and enjoy. It doesn’t matter how newbie you are, there is no way to kill marigold flowers.

If you want something bigger, try to plant buddleia. This shrub-type plant can grow anywhere, so after planting it, you need just to collect fallen leaves and enjoy the beautiful purple blooms. This plant needs more space because it has many green leaves and can grow up to 1 meter high, so feel free to cut it back to one or two buds from the old woody growth. These plants don’t need extra fertilizers, they can grow in either shady or sunny areas, and they need very little watering during hot and dry summers.